Todd Huckabee’s Signature Series Rods lets you…

“Feel the Thump”

Todd’s signature series rods are designed primarily for vertical jigging and pulling crank baits. Each rod is designed to transfer the “thump” sensation all the way through the cork handle. You’ll feel bites as never before.

The first thing you’ll notice when holding the 11’ Pulling rod and the 10’ Meat Draga is their exceptional backbone. Traditional softer crappie rods dampen much of the vibration keeping you from feeling many bites. The super backbone helps pull big fish out of the heaviest cover and into the boat without having to use a net. Using heavier hooks (1/8th to 1/4 oz) helps you to feel everything the bait is contacting.

However, if you do use smaller jigs and minnows, you’ll like the 10’ Dipping rod. It’s slightly softer tip offers a good transition from traditional rods to one with more backbone.


10' Dipping Rod
10' Meat Draga
11' Pulling Rod